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Three Hidden Gems of Puerto Rico

Tony DiTucci

Tony DiTucci, vice president of DGA Builders, LLC, in Pittsford, New York, leads and oversees the construction of multifamily and senior housing projects. As one who enjoys travel, Tony DiTucci has visited Puerto Rico, which is quickly becoming a popular destination for those wanting a mix of tropical exploration and historical charm. Here are three places off the beaten path that will delight any globetrotter.

1. Capilla del Santo Cristo. For those in the capital of San Juan, this chapel on a hill in the old walled city was built nearly 250 years ago on the spot of a supposed miracle. Today, those who have heard of this legend come to pray for miracle cures themselves.

2. The Maricao State Forest. Located on the west side of the island, this outdoor-lovers paradise is filled with hiking trails, bird watching opportunities, and coffee plantations. A stone tower built in the 1930s gives breathtaking 360 degree views of the area, and is perfect for photographers.
3. Casa Bacardi. If the name sounds familiar, it's because Bacardi is the world's largest distiller of rum. Located on the outskirts of the capital and a bit tricky to find, taking a tour is interesting, even for those who aren't a fan of the drink. Huge sculptures and finely manicured lawns await at this world-renowned destination.

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