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Small Housing Is Major Trend for Senior Housing in 2018

Tony DiTucci

Since 2013, Tony DiTucci has been the vice president of DGA Builders, LLC, in Pittsford, New York. In this role, Tony DiTucci handles a range of responsibilities that includes managing the construction of senior housing projects.

Several exciting trends are influencing the evolution of senior housing facilities in 2018. One of them is the progression towards smaller and more space-efficient residential spaces. Bigger is no longer considered inherently better, and more modest units are both affordable and practical.
Though most casual observers might associate young people with the simplicity and cost savings of micro-living, discerning seniors also see the benefit of such housing, and the market is responding with a wide array of choices.
Some new designs offer a shared living space for residents that designers compare to a college suitemate atmosphere. Other builders are experimenting with small modular homes with an eye towards a green lifestyle, which they call the “MAGIC” (“multi-ability/multi-generational inclusive communities”) approach.

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