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LEED Green Associate Certification Shows Commitment to Green Building

Tony DiTucci

As vice president of DGA Builders in Pittsford, New York, Tony DiTucci oversees the completion of multi-unit housing projects in the area. Tony DiTucci is also a certified LEED Green Associate, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally friendly building.

LEED professional credentials are available to industry experts who possess a contemporary understanding of green building practices. To become a LEED Green Associate, candidates must first pass the exam and then continue to learn and remain up-to-date on green building practices.
Green Associate candidates are expected to understand the LEED process and rating system. They must correctly answer questions about transportation, sustainable sites, and water efficiency, as well as issues related to public outreach and project surroundings.
Those who would like to earn a more advanced and specific credential can take LEED Advanced Professional exams. There are five different LEED AP specialties available to the public, each of which is appropriate for a different part of the building and construction industry. They cover everything from building design to neighborhood planning.

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