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First-Aid Certification through the American Red Cross

Tony DiTucci

An experienced construction management professional, Tony DiTucci has led DGA Builders, LLC, as vice president for the last five years. Having previously served as a physical education teacher and sports coach, Tony DiTucci maintains first-aid certification through the American Red Cross.

With a mission to prepare people to react to emergency situations, the Red Cross offers an array of training courses designed to supply participants with the knowledge and hands-on capabilities that they will need to administer first aid to individuals of all ages.
Individuals can pursue first-aid training in one of three ways. First, they can attend in-person classes where they learn important techniques through lectures with a certified instructor. A second option is to hone their first-aid skills through online instruction, which teaches them how to deliver aid during numerous scenarios. However, this setup doesn’t allow students to verify their skills with an instructor and may be insufficient for those looking to obtain certification for their work.
Third, participants in the first-aid program may engage in blended learning. Combining aspects of the in-person courses and online modules, this program allows students to prove their capabilities to an instructor after learning at their own pace online. Those who complete either this program or the in-person courses earn first-aid certification that’s valid for two years.

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